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ROSSI MARINO is a company based in Guspini and sells machinery and equipment for the construction industry in Sardinia, directly retailing partial or complete components, machines and equipment for the building.

Since 1994 is a family-owned business operating in the import-export trade sector  

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ARCHITECTURAL FLOOR Presentation: The stone floor washed to view requires a cast thickness of only 2.5 / 3 cm and can be applied, after proper mechanical preparation and special engaging primer on all surfaces, new or existing, but as long as solid. The result is an exceptional ductility which makes it ideal for creating or renewing continuous paving and mechanically resistant After preparing the fund will be sufficient to apply an adhesive primer to make the pavement an integral part of the underlying screed. Obviously it is also possible to apply the product on fresh concrete (processing "fresh on fresh") especially in the case of small surfaces. The base color of the pavement is defined by a particular fiber-reinforced mixture called CHRYSO. There are 8 basic colors that can become many more by mixing the different bases between them, or adding white cement and gray cement. And `possible to determine the level of exposure of the final shot. With stone floor washed to view, you can create geometric shapes, play of colors and unusual combinations with other materials such as marble, brick, river stones and natural stone to give free rein to the creativity and skill of the applicators. The colors, the combinations, the types of grit may be decided by the designer or by the end customer using the various combinations available. And `possible to use the local grit or a standard grit (available different types: grit round or split, of various sizes or sizes). There are 8 colors which can become 10 using white cement or concrete gray. Additional colors can be created by mixing gray cement and white cement, or by blending different bases between them
Some Our Proposals

The chestnut is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and adaptable species between those features of the Italian territory, which has about 15,000 hectares of chestnut trees, approximately 15% of the national forest area, a percentage so generous as to represent a unicun throughout Europe. of Middle Eastern chestnut has been for centuries a fully set plan and is considered a typical Italian wood. unfortunately they have become extremely rare secular casks needed to produce a raw material of good quality, so no shortage of imports from the countries of Eastern Europe. the chestnut wood is very appreciated for durability, mechanical properties, resistance to moisture with the lowest coefficient of shrinkage and expansion, the good workability and pleasing aesthetic qualities. characteristics that make it a wood with strong structural qualities, able to withstand major mechanical stresses, also the high concentration of tannic acid in the fibers makes it resistant to adverse conditions and to changes in temperature, ie it can be of particular treatments protective and maintenance. It is widely used in the production of roofs, beams and trusses in manufacturing, one of the oldest roofing systems (iv century AD :) unloading the weight on the lateral supports without requiring further support point, and still great demand for resistance mechanics, dimensional stability and the aesthetic effect of the triangular structure. It has a coarse texture, with straight fibers, thin veins, a strong knots and growth rings clear. The color ranges from yellowish white to brown, reddish assuming once worked. It is a high quality material, niche, which involves mid-high prices due to a processing which presents difficult and characterized by a high percentage of scrap, but with high impact results, long-lived and guaranteed.
Some Our Proposals

The bridge weighers are today the best and most effective tool to carry out the weighing of road vehicles and work vehicles even under heavy load conditions. The masonry works for the installation of these instruments are really modest: in fact it is possible to install the buried standard version in a foundation of about 50/60 cm in height, or the raised version with ramps of about 40/50 cm in height. The weighbridges are equipped with load cells, a terminal with the necessary accessories to manage the weight display and additional functions is also necessary. The types of bridge weighers are different and basically: underground and raised. The weighbridge is one of the fundamental components in the industrial weighing process of heavy vehicles. The first type of bridge weighers, the buried ones are made of steel and buried in a pit some tens of centimeters deep. Electronic management is performed on load cells. The second type of bridge weighers are those raised, the advantage of this type is that it does not require special masonry operations and greater control over the formation of rust. The weighbridges are today the best tool for weighing heavy road vehicles. They are used in the industrial sector for weighing cars, vans, lorries with trailers, etc. There are different types of weighbridges depending on the environments of use and the means to be weighed. Among the different types we find the dual track weighbridges, double lane and homologated for legal use. The great advantage of this type is that it is easily transportable and installable in less than an hour. It is the ideal solution for those who want to save space and time. The modular bridge weighers of "I Bilanciai S.r.l." they can satisfy every weighing requirement, as they are available in multiple sizes and capacities. The modular structure allows for the possible expansion of the loading floor, with the simple addition of other modules, while the reduced height allows an easy adaptation even to already existing lodging holes. The weight is detected through load cells, built in stainless
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Friday, January 3, 2020
The MARINO ROSSI company with Ideal Work periodically organizes training courses aimed at offering its customers architectural solutions with high quality standards. To offer a final result of absolute excellence. Depending on your professional needs, you can choose to attend one or more courses among those proposed: »
Friday, January 3, 2020
Nell`utilizzo of cranes and similar equipment or installation of scaffolding etc . , It is important that each operator receives adequate training and specific training and can enable all`uso of correctly and safely »
Wednesday, January 1, 2020
New-planned car wash plant located within the Z.I.R. Industrial Area, PIP located about 2 km from the city center of Guspini and 20 min. The beach consists of a large area, equipped with three self-service washing tracks, a cover prepared for drying and internal cleaning of vehicles. Complete the consistency a property developed on a single floor above ground of about 1000 square meters, composed internally of a laboratoro for storage use The ser service system is equipped with anti-theft and CCTV cameras. Token safety anti-theft system There is also a large parking lot. NO YOU WASTE TIME NO DREAMERS MARINO ROSSI TEL. 389/4771625 »
Wednesday, January 1, 2020
On- line our new site
Starting today we found online with our new website . All`interno all complete catalog with our wide range of products . The site is being improved and updated. »
Thursday, January 3, 2019
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